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biscuit market in Turkey


GTIP  1905.31 Sweet Biscuits  



 Biscuit production in Turkey dates back to 1924.

However, the sector has been experiencing rapid development and modernization for 15-20

years. The product diversification has been realized, and more attention has been paid for scientific

and hygienic methods by employing modern technologies. Today, there are many companies in

Turkey producing various biscuits in the same quality with its European competitors. All of the

production units in the sector are private companies and most of them are located in Marmara and

Central Anatolia provinces. Production of biscuits in Turkey was 570 thousand tons in 2010. 


Turkish Statistical Institute The products are marketed either in bulk or in consumer packs. Products

in consumer packs (custard cream, petite beurre, crackers, wafers, biscuits with sesame, etc,) are

the principal export products of the sector. The packaging shape, size, material and design of

exported products are prepared according to buyers’ request. Turkish biscuit exports have

performed significant increases by years. Export volume, which was 2,706 tons in 1980, increased to

11,630 tons, 16,709 tons and 74,838 tons in 1985, 1990 and 2000 respectively. The total figure in

2011 was recorded as 164,3 thousand tons and 322,6 million USD. Turkish biscuit exports have

been mainly targeted to the Middle Eastern, African and European countries.


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