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5204- Cotton sewing thread, whether or not put up for retail sale

5401- Sewing thread of manmade filaments, whether or not put up for retail sale

5508- Sewing thread of manmade staple fibers, whether or not put up for retail sale

5601- Wadding of textile materials and articles

5602- Felt, whether or not impregnated, coated, covered or laminated

5603- Nonwovens, whether or not impregnated, coated, covered or laminated

5604- Rubber thread, cord, strip, etc

5806- Narrow woven fabrics, incl. narrow fabrics consisting of warp without weft

5807- Labels, badges and similar articles, of textile materials

5808- Braid of textile materials

5810- Embroidery on a textile fabric ground, in the piece, in strips or as motifs

5811- Quilted textile products in the piece

8308- Clasp, buckle, eye, etc. for apparel, handbag, etc; rivet, bead of base metal

9606- Buttons, pressfasteners, snapfasteners and pressstuds

9607- Slide fasteners and parts




The establishment of modern textile and clothing industry in Turkey depended on

industrialization efforts in the Sixties and Seventies. Heavy investments on modern

machinery parks and human resources reached the highest level in the Nineties. Today,

the textiles and clothing industry is the most outward-oriented industry that can compete

with other countries in international markets in terms of high quality and wide range of



Turkey exported US$ 26,3 billion of textile and clothing products in 2011. With this amount,

it had a share of 19% in total exports of Turkey. Since the Turkish textile and clothing

industry is one of the major players in the world market both in terms of production and

exports, the sector needs textile and clothing supplies in large quantities and a wide

variety. Therefore, the textile and clothing supply industry, which was established to meet

the needs of the domestic textile and clothing industry, has shown significant development,

and now serves the world textile and clothing industry as well. The industry produces all

kinds of textile and clothing supplies such as zippers, buttons, hooks and eyes, labels, lace,

trimmings, lining, interlining, tapes, elastic, ribbons, etc. in large quantities and with the

best quality.


Since Istanbul is the clothing production and fashion center, the majority of textile and

clothing supply manufacturers are located in Istanbul. The rest are in Izmir, Bursa, Denizli,

Gaziantep and Kayseri. The companies in the sector were organized in 1995 under

Clothing Findings and Trimmings Association. The association has over one hundred

members, organizes seminars on quality standards, analyses the sector and finds

collective solutions for sector problems, trains qualified personnel for the sector and

introduces the sector to both the national and international markets by organizing events.


The association makes a considerable contribution to increase exports of the sector.

Today, consumers are showing increasing concern for health and environmental issues

and demanding products that do not cause health and environmental risks. Since many

© Republic of Turkey – Ministry of Economy, 2012 3

textile and clothing supply products such as lace, elastic, labels, tapes, ribbons are in

direct contact with the skin, the reliability of these products in terms of human health is as

important as other items of clothing or textile products. Being aware of these trends,

Turkish textile and clothing supply producers are now becoming much more sensitive to

health and the environment, and are adapting themselves to developments in the

international markets towards healthier and more environment friendly products by

adopting environment management systems and obtaining eco-labels. Today many

companies in this sector use private eco-labels such as OekoTex Standard 100, etc.



Though the Turkish textile and clothing supplies industry is a very young industry

compared to the main textile and clothing industry, it is growing very rapidly not only in

terms of production but also in terms of exports. Exports of textile and clothing supplies

increased 28% from US$ 477 million in 2010 to US$ 608 million in 2011.


The main export products in 2011 were interlining, embroideries, buttons, clasps, buckles,

zippers, narrow fabrics, labels, sewing yarns, braids, trimmings, tassels, etc. Major export

markets in 2011 were the Russian Federation, Germany, Poland, the UK, Romania, Iran,

Italy, the USA, Egypt, Bulgaria and Ukraine.




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