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Turkish Technical Textile Industry



Technical Textiles and Nonwovens is the most developing and promising sector in the

global textile industry. The production and consumption of technical textiles and

nonwovens has gained great economic value in the last decade.


The demand for technical textiles and nonwovens is directly related to overall economic

developments and textile technology. The increase in GDP per capita in Turkey in recent

years has fueled demand for technical textile and nonwoven products such as feminine

hygiene products, diapers, medical textiles and disposable products. In addition, rapid

growth and the requirements in the automotive, construction, filtration, agriculture and

chemical industries have stimulated demand for technical textiles and nonwovens.

Today, many sophisticated, functional, high-tech and high performance textiles are

produced in Turkey including waterproof, windproof, breathable, flame retardant, antibacterial

fabrics and garments, tire cord fabrics, military and protective wear.

The production capacity in Turkey for nonwovens is over 110,000 metric tons per year.

Istanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep, Kocaeli and Tekirdağ are the major cities in the production of

technical textiles and nonwovens.


During the past decade, an increasing number of Turkish companies have moved into

technical textiles and nonwovens production because of the high value added of the

products and less vulnerability to price changes. Both production volume and the variety of

products are continuing to increase. There were 9 companies which dealt with technical

textiles and nonwovens among Turkey’s 500 largest companies in 2007.


There are more than 150 companies manufacturing technical textiles and non-woven in

Turkey. More than 20 large companies produce nonwoven roll goods. Most large-scale

Turkish nonwoven and technical textile companies are members of the European

Disposables and Nonwovens Association-EDANA.


The major end-user sectors for technical textiles and nonwovens in Turkey are automotive,

packaging, hygiene, medical supplies, construction, clothing, military, agriculture and



Turkey is an important producer of tire cord fabrics and industrial yarns.

Some Turkish companies have formed joint ventures with foreign technical textile firms,

especially in the production of technical fabrics.


Turkey is one of the world leaders in big bag (FIBC) production and ranked second in

world big bag (FIBC) exports in 2010 with a share of 18,3%.


There is a suitable infrastructure for technical textiles and nonwovens which is growing

and developing in terms of technology, human resources and know-how in Turkey. The

technical textile industry in Turkey has the benefit of a well-established textile

infrastructure, strong textile training and research institutions, a skilled workforce, the

availability of raw materials and a large domestic market. The Scientific & Technological

Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and its subsidiary organizations, the Marmara

© Republic of Turkey – Ministry of Economy, 2012 3


Research Center (MAM) and the Bursa Test and Analysis Laboratory (BUTAL) provide

technical, testing and scientific assistance to the sector. TUBITAK provides research and

development aid to support companies which are conducting R&D projects, regardless of

the size of the company. In addition, a National Nano-technology Center has started

operating at Bilkent University in Ankara.




In 2011 the total value of technical textiles and nonwovens exports was estimated to

exceed US$ 1.6 billion. The main export products in 2011 were big bags (FIBC),

nonwovens, tire cord fabrics, technical fabrics, safety seat belts, sacks, bags, packing of

strip plastic materials and glass fibers and articles. The EU (Germany, France, Italy, the

UK, and Spain), the Russian Federation, the USA, and Romania are the most important

markets for Turkish technical textiles and nonwoven sectors.


Although all technical textiles products cannot be identified in the Harmonized System, the

major items are given in the table below.

A monthly issued magazine in English and Turkish, named Nonwoven Technical Textiles

Technology Magazine, is available since 2003. For detailed information please visit

© Republic of Turkey – Ministry of Economy, 2012 6


TRADE FAIRS OF 2012-2013


All of the trade fairs held in Turkey related to the technical textiles industry are listed at the website which is an official website of the Union and

Chambers of Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). Some of the trade fairs related to

the technical textiles industry are listed below.

􀂃 HIGHTEX, Istanbul, Technical Textiles & Nonwovens and Weaving Technologies
Trade Fair

􀂃 International Istanbul Yarn Fair, Istanbul, May-June, Yarn Trade Event. Cotton

Yarns, Elastic Yarns, Wool Yarns, Polyester Yarns, Metallic Yarns.



􀂃 The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey


􀂃 Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Associations

􀂃 Aegean Exporters’ Associations

􀂃 Uludağ Exporters’ Association

􀂃 Denizli Exporters’ Association

􀂃 Mediterranean Exporter Associations

􀂃 Southeast Anatolia Exporters’ Associations

􀂃 Ege University, Faculty of Engineering, Textile Engineering Department

􀂃 The Istanbul Textile Research and Development Center (ITA)

􀂃 Bursa Textile and Confection R&D Center (BUTEKOM)


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