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Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery In Turkey



For decades, growing demand for plastic and rubber products has resulted in the

development of a strong processing industry. Turkey produces all kinds of plastic and

rubber products, ranging from traditional products to the newly innovated ones, such as

plastic construction and irrigation products, plastic and rubber auto parts, plastic table and

kitchenware, plastic parts of electronic, electrical and household items as well as plastic

packing products.


Petkim (Petrokimya Holding A.Ş.), a public owned company, is the major plastic raw

material manufacturer. Petkim produces basic plastic raw materials such as polyethylene

(PE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), olefins, fiber

intermediates, master batches and aromatics.


According to a report prepared by PAGEV (Turkish Plastic Industry Association), the value

of Turkey’s plastic and rubber processing machinery production reached approximately

296 million USD in 2011. Within total production, parts of machines for working rubber or

plastic (847790) are approximately 122 Million USD; blow moulding machines for working

rubber or plastics (847730) are approximately 68 million USD and vacuum moulding

machines and other thermoforming machines for working rubber or plastics (847740) are

approximately 29 millon USD.


As a result of the afore-mentioned developments in the plastic and rubber industry, a path

of development has opened for processing machinery.



Turkish plastic and rubber processing industry owes its capability to its comparatively

recent foundation as well as the domestic production of basic plastic and rubber products.

Latest developments and new designs are implemented in this young sector with the help

of the latest technology brought from all over the world.


Main product groups of the sector are; injection-moulding machines, extruders,other

moulding and forming machines. Majority of the plastic processing machinery

manufacturers are located in İstanbul and İzmir.


Today, many Turkish machinery manufacturers have national and international quality

certificates such as the Turkish Standards (TSE) and International Quality Standards (ISO

9001, ISO 9002).


Turkish-made plastic and rubber processing machinery have the CE Mark in accordance

with technical harmonization with the EU.


© Republic of Turkey - Ministry of Economy, 2012



After a decline in 2009, the export figures of Turkish plastic processing machinery showed

an upward trend for the years 2010 and 2011. The export value of 94,5 million USD in

2008 decreased to 64,8 million USD in 2009 and reached 72,2 million USD in 2010. Export

figure of the sector in 2011 exceeded that in 2008 with an export volume of 102,5 million



Main export products of the sector are; “machinery for working rubber or plastics, for the

manufacture of products from these materials,” “extruders for working rubber or plastics,”

“parts of machines for working rubber or plastic,” “machinery for moulding or forming

rubber or plastics.”


The sector exports to over 110 countries in the world. Major export markets for plastic and

rubber processing machinery are; Iran, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria,

Romania, Germany, South Africa and Kazakhstan.



Trade fairs held in Turkey related to plastic and rubber processing machinery are listed on

the web page of TOBB -Union and Chambers of Commodity Exchanges of Turkey –

“Turkey Fair Guide” ( OR



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