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Paint And Coatings Industry in Turkey



Global paint and coatings industry which is approximately 40 million ton consisted of

decorative coatings (%51) and industrial coatings (%49). The value of the sector is about

100 billion USD. Decorative coatings are formed %44 of the total value and industrial

coatings are formed %56.  


Turkish Paint and coatings industry is one of the Europe’s biggest paint and coatings

markets. The market share of Turkey in the global paint and coatings industry is %2. The

market size is about 850.000 ton and the value is more than 2 billion USD. In case of

adding the export value to this data, it becomes approximately 3 billion USD. The

importance of the export increased in the recent years. Annual paint consumption per

capita is 11 kg.


Turkish paint and coatings industry includes almost 20 sizeable with high technological

production facilities and lots of small and medium size enterprises in the country-wide. Six

paint and coatings manufacturer companies are in the ISO’s (Istanbul Chamber of

Industry) 2011 list of Top 500 Companies in Turkey. Foreign capital is strong in the

industry. Foreign direct invests increased in the recent years. Directly and indirectly, totally

300.000 persons work in this sector.


Company Name 

Betek Boya ve Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. Istanbul

Dyo Boya Fabrikalari Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. Izmir

Marshall Boya ve Vernik Sanayii A.Ş. Istanbul

Polisan Boya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Kocaeli

Kayalar Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Istanbul

Kansai Altan Boya San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. Ege Bölgesi

Source: ISO, www.iso.org.tr, “Top 500 Companies of Turkey”.

The degree of development of the sector continues to increase. Turkey is regional power

with its technological structure and production capacity.


Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry - Major Growth Drivers & Opportunities

􀂾 Rapid urbanization

􀂾 Increasing of the life standards

􀂾 Rising middle class, increasing

purchasing power and GDP

􀂾 Growing industry and housing sector

􀂾 DIY market

􀂾 Qualified and young work power

􀂾 R&D capabilities (i.e. Nanotechnology)

􀂾 Low consumption, a room for growth

(11 liters per capita)

􀂾 Worldwide players and know-how

􀂾 Increasing of foreign capital investments

by the new induced investments systems which is announced in 2012

􀂾 Increasing of regional export power (target

is 1 billion USD for coatings and raw

material for short period and 2,5 billion USD for 2023)

􀂾 Positive effects of the development of

manufacturing to the paint and coatings

industry and related production areas 

Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry – Market Size

Turkish paints and dyes industry consists of decorative paints, which creates a strong

correlation with the construction sector. The paint industry also provides inputs for

automotive, furniture, leather, glass, ceramic, textile and printing sectors, which are all very

dynamic sectors of Turkey. 


The Turkish paint sector has reached world quality standards. Most of the firms have ISO

9000 certification. Dyes and paints sector adapts itself in ecological and technical

standards particularly developed in European Union.


Turkish Paint and Coatings Industry – Market Value 

Sectoral Foreign Trade and Developments

About Twenty five percent of the paint production in Turkey is exported. Besides meeting

the domestic demand, the Turkish paint sector has the capacity to export more. In 2011,

the total value of paints and coatings exports reached US$ 612 million.


Major export products of the Turkish paint and dyes industry were paints and varnishes

(H.S. 3208, 3209, 3210) with an export value of US$ 245 million in 2011. The second

major export product were putties, resin cements and other mastics with an export value of

US$ 120 million. Synthetic tanning substances (US$ 81 million), printing ink (US$ 30

million), synthetic organic colouring matter (US$ 45 million) are other important export

items of the sector. 

Products coded as 3201, 3202, 3203, 3204 and 3206 in harmonized system are mostly

textile paints and pigments. In 2011, total export value of these materials was US$ 157

million, accounting for 26% of total exports of Turkish paint industry. 

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