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medical devices& supplies industry report -TURKEY


The Turkish medical devices and supplies industry is a fast developing sector with recent

investments in most fields. In fact, during the past decade the industry has undergone

significant changes. The number of items produced has increased and along with it, their

quality has improved. The number of manufacturers in the industry has increased as well.

With the quality of its medical products, the Turkish medical devices and supplies industry

has progressed as such that it can compete with many countries.


Today, the industry is composed of about 6000 companies, including 450 medium and

large-scaled companies, 100 manufacturers/exporters, and 2500 suppliers. A broad range

of products is offered by certain manufacturers specialized in their fields of production.

Most of the companies in the medical devices and supplies industry are located in

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Samsun since a high number of health institutions,

transportation and telecommunication facilities, ease of supply and easy access to

research and technical support exist in these cities.


Turkish medical manufacturers have shown a significant increase in production over the

years and they offer diverse product groups such as medical and surgical instruments and

appliances, wadding, gauze, bandages, medical disposables, syringes, needle and

catheters, ophthalmic instruments, dental instruments, laboratory diagnostics, wound

closure equipments, etc. At present, the industry manufactures thousands of items ranging

from the simplest disposables to the most complicated medical equipments.


Turkish medical devices and disposables manufacturers comply with international

procedures, quality and safety standards such as the GMP (Good Manufacturing

Practices), GHP (Good Health Practices), ISO standards and CE mark of the EU.

The Turkish healthcare market has a great volume owing to the country’s population of

about 75 million and their increasing health concerns. This means that the market is a

huge and promising one for international companies who intend to enter into joint ventures

and other forms of mutually beneficial cooperation with their Turkish counterparts.


The development of private hospitals, clinics, and health centers has shown enormous

growth in Turkey, particularly for plastic and cosmetics surgery, orthopedics and


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The Turkish medical devices and supplies industry fulfills domestic demand for some

products and also exports a relatively significant amount. In 2011 exports totaled

approximately US $ 182.3 million.

The Turkish medical devices and supplies industry exports grew by approximately 31,7%

in 2011 comparing to the previous year.


The major product group in exports was “Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary

instruments and appliances” worth US $ 106.3 million in 2011. The second group was

“Orthopedic appliances, splints and other fracture appliances and hearing aids” worth US $

53.6 million, the third was “mechano-theraphy appliances” worth US $ 14.7 million in the

same year.


Turkey exports various medical devices and disposables to more than 100 countries

throughout the world. The major export markets are Germany, France, Azerbaijan, Iraq,

Somali, China, Iran, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the USA, the UK, Italy, the

Netherlands and Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that the export markets for the Turkish

medical devices and supplies industry are expected to continue growing with a focus on

exports of the more technologically sophisticated products.




The Turkish medical sector exhibits its products and services in international fairs held all

over the world. Major fairs of the sector which will be organized in Turkey in 2013 are:


􀂃 Istanbul Health Expo, Medical devices and equipments and Health Tourism Fair

􀂃 “16. LABTEK 2013”, Medical and surgical instruments and appliances, laboratory

equipment and diagnostics, Tuyap Congress and Fair Center, in Istanbul, 4-7 April



􀂃 “20. EXPOMED 2013”, Medical and surgical instruments and appliances, laboratory

equipment and diagnostics, Tuyap Congress and Fair Center, in Istanbul, 4-7 April



􀂃 “Annual World Dental Congress”, Dentistry and dentistry technologies, Istanbul

Congress Center, 4-7 April 2013.


􀂃 “Medical Devices, Services and Equipments Congress and Fair”, Lutfi Kirdar

International Congress and Fair Center, in Istanbul, 18-20 September 2013.


􀂃 Health Tourism and Medical Devices Fair”, Yesilkoy Fair Center, in Istanbul, 19-22

December 2013.

You can also check the list of international and national trade fairs, which will be held in

2013 in “medical devices and supplies industry”, on “Turkey Fair Guide 2013” website




􀂃 Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association

􀂃 Federation of Medical Devices Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (TÜMDEF)

􀂃 Manufacturers Association of Medical Devices

􀂃 Association of Marmara Medical Sector Businessmen-MASSIAD


􀂃 Healthcare Products Manufacturers and Representatives Association


􀂃 Health Industry Employers’ Association of Turkey 



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