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Leather Wear Sector -TURKEY

Turkish Leather Wear Sector

The Turkish leather industry has a history dating back more than 500 years. The sector’s

production is based on combination of two assets; modern technology and historical

background. Today, the sector is known worldwide with its well-designed and fashionable



Although initial efforts to modernize the leather industry began in the 70s, significant

progress on a real industrial scale began in the mid-80s. The sector has showed a rapid

progress in recent years. Today, production is made in line with the international standards

and great importance is attached to environmentally-friendly production policies – about

90% of the production is based on health and environmental standards.




There are nearly 1.500 companies in the Turkish leather sector and approximately 23.000

workers are employed. Leather manufacturers are mainly located in Istanbul (Tuzla), Izmir

(Menemen), Tekirdag (Corlu), Usak, Denizli, Bolu (Gerede), Bursa, Balikesir (Gönen),

Isparta, Hatay and Manisa (Kula). Istanbul (Zeytinburnu) is considered as the most

important trade centre for the Turkish leather wear industry. Today, there are about 600

leather shops operating in Zeytinburnu.


Technological advancements in the sector, which are a must for a competitive industry,

are increasing rapidly. Today, Turkish leather sector exports its own technology. Turkish

firms produce all the leather processing machinery and 90% of the chemicals required for

production and exports of leather products.


Turkish leather wear industry produces the finest women and men leather garments. Most

of the big companies in the sector produce original collections with their own brand names.

The sector creates its own fashion by using an unsurpassed blend of colors, patterns,

manufacturing care and quality materials. Thanks to these traits of the sector, Turkish

leather wear products have a good reputation and are appreciated all over the world.




The leather industry is one of the significant export sectors of Turkey. Sector’s annual

export value was around US$ 1.262 million in 2011 and its share in total exports of Turkey

was nearly 0,9%. The most important item exported by the leather industry was footwear

with a share of 35% in total leather goods exports in 2011. In addition to this, more than

half of Turkey's officially recorded leather exports result from sales to tourists.

The majority of the exports of the sector were used to be directed to the Russian

Federation and other Commonwealth of Independent States-CIS countries through shuttle

trade. But after the economic crisis in the Russian Federation in 1998, the Turkish leather

wear industry sought for new markets and today, the industry exports to more than 100



Exports of leather wear amounted US$ 222 million in 2011. The main markets such as

Germany (19,3%), the Russian Federation (16%) and France (11,1%) are followed by

Italy, Spain, Denmark and Austria in 2011.


Turkish saddler products sector has also showed a remarkable progress in terms of

exports along with shoes. Exports of Turkish leather trunks, suitcases and handbags

increased by 33% and reached at US$ 186 million in 2011. Italy (37,9%), the United

Kingdom (19,7%) and Germany (7,8%) were the main destinations for leather trunks,

suitcases and handbags in 2011. The other significant markets were Russia, France, the

USA and Romania for the same period.


Turkey exhibits its unique leather wear collections, capacity and products in major leather

fairs which are mostly organized in Istanbul. A leather fair named “IDF Istanbul Leather

Fashion Fair” is organized two times a year in Istanbul. The fair covers leather wear, fur

wear, tanning machines, chemicals, raw leather, leather accessories, new designs,

sectoral associations and press, finishing plants.


Leather and Leather Related Industries Trade Fairs Schedule - 2013

Fair City Organizer Date

Footwear Summer- Izmir

Shoes, Bags And Accessories


Izmir http://www.izfas.com.tr January 2013

Istanbul 7th Leather Fair

Istanbul http://www.tuyap.com.tr January 2013


SLIPPER, Saddlery And

Footwear Industry Suppliers


Gaziantep http://www.ofm.com January 2013

AYSAF 10th International

Footwear Industry Suppliers


Istanbul http://www.pozitiffuarcilik.com March 2013

AYMOD 10th International

Footwear Fashion Fair Istanbul http://www.pozitiffuarcilik.com April 2013

Footwear Winter- Izmir Shoes,

Bags And Accessorıes Faır Izmir http://www.izfas.com.tr June 2013


Slipper, Saddlery And Footwear

Industry Suppliers Fair

Gaziantep http://www.ofm.com July 2013

AYSAF 11th International

Footwear Industry Suppliers


Istanbul http://www.pozitiffuarcilik.com October 2013

AYMOD 11th International

Footwear Fashion Fair

Istanbul http://www.pozitiffuarcilik.com November 2013

Source: http://www.fuarrehberi.org.tr/



􀂃 Turkish Leather Council



􀂃 Leather Manufacturers´ Association of Turkey


Footwear Industrialists Association of Turkey


􀂃 Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Associations


􀂃 Aegean Exporters’ Associations


􀂃 Southeast Anatolia Exporters’ Associations


􀂃 Uludağ Exporters’ Association


􀂃 Denizli Exporters’ Association


􀂃 Mediterranean Exporter Associations


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