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Textiles and clothing are among the most important sectors of the Turkish economy and

foreign trade. Accounting for about 6-7% of the GDP together, these two sectors are the

core of Turkish economy in terms of GDP contribution, share in manufacturing,

employment, investments and macroeconomic indicators. These sectors had a 18,5%

share in total export volume in 2011. There are more than 40,000 textile and clothing

companies in Turkey with an estimated workforce of 750,000 employees.


Turkey is one of the main actors in the world clothing industry. Turkey ranks 8th in world

cotton production and 4th in world cotton consumption. Turkey also ranks 3rd in organic

cotton production after India and Syria. The Turkish clothing industry is the 6th largest

supplier in the world, and the 2nd largest supplier to the EU. It has a share of 4% in knitted

clothing exports and it ranks 5th among the exporting countries. With a share of 2,6%,

Turkey ranks 10th among the woven clothing exporters in the world.


The Turkish textile industry, which is listed in the world’s top ten exporters, is also the

second largest supplier to the EU. The Turkish textile and clothing industry has a

significant role in world trade with the capability to meet high standards, and can compete

in international markets in terms of high quality and a wide range of products.


The established capacity of woven production in Turkey is estimated to be around

1.350.000 tons while that of knitted products is around 2.250.000 tons. In recent years,

pantyhose, tights, stockings, socks and other hosiery production in Turkey shows a faster

growth and with the new investments it is estimated to have reached a production capacity

of 200 million dozens per annum.


Istanbul: City of Fashion

Istanbul is proud of its designers, fashion and shopping centers where it has kept its

unique Occidental-Oriental, old-meets-new, and East-meets-West characteristics. Istanbul

is becoming a leading fashion and shopping center due to both foreign and local

investments recently. The world’s largest shopping centers are opening in Istanbul. Many

tourists have added Istanbul to their itinerary for shopping. As a global sourcing hub for

both Asia and Europe, Istanbul attracts a number of international buying offices, trading

houses, major retailers and department stores. Istanbul Fashion Week is organized twice

a year to gain recognition for Turkish designers and brands in national and international

tribunes where they present their latest collections. Since Istanbul is becoming a fashion

and shopping center, most of the companies have shifted their production facilities to the

inner provinces. Izmir, Bursa, Ankara, Denizli, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Tekirdag, Adiyaman,

Kahramanmaras and Adana are now major cities for textile and clothing production.





Turkish clothing exports have continued to increase even after the expiration of the global

textile quota system at the end 2004, as agreed under the World Trade Organization

Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC). The sector continues to maintain and enhance

its competitiveness.


In 2011 the total value of clothing exports was US$ 13.5 billion. The sector exports about

65% of its production. Approximately 80% of the clothing exported is cotton clothing.

Knitted clothing and accessories, with an export value of US$ 8.4 billion, had a share of

62,1% in total clothing exports, and woven clothing had a share of 37,9% with a value of

US$ 5.1 billion in 2011.


T-shirts and pullovers are the most important export products in knitted clothing sector.

Exports of t-shirts and pullovers were US$ 3 billion and US$ 1.3 billion respectively in

2011. In addition, as the second largest manufacturer in the world, Turkey’s hosiery

exports amounted US$ 1 billion in 2011.


“Women's or girls' suits, jackets, dresses skirts etc.” and “Men's or boys' suits, jackets,

trousers etc.” are the most important export products in woven clothing sector. In 2011

exports of “Women's or girls' suits, jackets, dresses skirts etc.” and “Men's or boys' suits,

jackets, trousers etc.” were US$ 2 billion and US$ 1.4 billion, respectively.


With its fashion-oriented and quality products, Turkey has been increasing her share in the

main markets, especially in the European market which has high standards and


sophisticated customer needs. In 2011, Turkish companies exported to more than 170

countries in the world.







Many Turkish clothing companies have expanded their marketing and distribution

channels in global markets by opening stores and chain stores all over the world. To

increase awareness of Turkish fashion in international markets, they participate in many

fashion shows and international fairs on abroad. In addition, the Turkish clothing products

are exhibited in international and national fairs organized in Turkey. Major fairs which will

be organized in 2013 are:


􀂃 IF Wedding Fashion, Izmir, 13-16 February 2012 (Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns and Accessories)


􀂃 IFEXPO 2013 10th Hosiery Underwear Fair, Istanbul, 31 January-2 February 2013


􀂃 WintExpo 2013, 25th International mothers, Babies Children and Clothing

Accessories Fair, Istanbul 22-25 August 2013, (Babywear, Boys-Girls Clothing,

Underwear, Coats, Pullovers, Cardigans, Maternity Wear, Stockings, Accessoriesetc.)





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