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Agricultural machinery sector is strongly related to the both positive and negative events in

the agriculture sector. That is why; dealing with the agricultural machinery sector

independently from the agriculture sector is not possible. In the planning of the machinery

sector for agriculture, the targets that are determined for agricultural sector have to be

considered. As in the other countries, agricultural sector is the base of the national

economy in Turkey, too. According to the distribution of the 2011 employment statistics,

approximately 26% of the total employment is in the agricultural sector. A strong

agricultural machinery sector is developed as a result of that big sector.


By the completion of the Southeast Anatolian Project (GAP), 1.8 million hectares cultivated

land can be irrigated. Such a big irrigated farmland means that agricultural production will

be sufficient for all the Middle East. GAP, for which the government reserves 5 billion

Dollars in the beginning of the year 2008, provides very significant opportunities to the

future of the Turkey’s agricultural sector. At the end of the completion of the project, the

agricultural sector meets the opportunity to make large-scale investments and this will

effect the development of the agricultural machinery sector in a positive way.

In Turkey, approximately 130 different machines and equipment are manufactured in

agricultural machinery sector. The manufactured products are mainly as follows: Tractors,

harvesters, pedestrian controlled tractors, mowers, powered, lawn, with horizontal cutting

device, seeders, planters and transplanters, manure spreaders and fertiliser distributors,

means and equipment for plant protection and irrigation, harvesters, threshers, dryers,

machines and equipments for cleaning, distinguishing and processing, milking machines

and other equipments for farm and garden usage.


The agricultural machinery sector is classified in two groups in Turkey as agricultural

machines and equipment sector and the tractor sector. In the machines and equipment

sector, there are 1,000 producers and importers. On the other hand, 22 firms are active in

tractor sector. The sector employs 20,000 people in Turkey. 


 The export of the agricultural machinery and equipment sector, which decreases only in

2009 due to the global economic crisis between 2007 and 2011, has increased by 18% in

2011 compared to 2010 and reach 411 million Dollars.


The most important sub products in 2011 are parts of harvesters+threshers (Code:

8433.90), poultry-keeping machinery, nes (Code: 8436.29), seeders, planters and

transplanters (Code: 8432.30). The total export of the parts of the agricultural machines

has been recorded as about 57 million Dollars in 2011.


The countries that the agricultural machinery sector performed the most export are

accordingly Iraq, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Italy and France. 

The countries that the agricultural machinery sector performed the most export are

accordingly USA, Iraq, Italy, Morocco and Poland. 

The major export partners of Turkey in agricultural machinery parts sector are Iraq, Sudan,

Azerbaijan, Italy and France. 

The export of tractors, trailers and pedestrian controlled tractors has increased by 36.2%
to 227 million Dollars, and after the economic crisis, the total exports has been recorded
as 224 million Dollars in 2011.


The major export partners of Turkey in tractors sector are the USA, Iraq, Italy, Morocco

and Poland.


The products of the Turkish agricultural machinery industry are exhibited in international

and national fairs organized in Turkey.


Trade fairs held in Turkey related to agricultural machinery are listed on the web page of


TOBB – Union and Chambers of Commodity Exchanges of Turkey – “Turkey Fair Guide”

( http://www.fuarrehberi.org.tr/ or http://www.tobb.org.tr/fuar/eng )


Major fair organized in this sector in 2012 are;

8th Aegeanagri Aegean Agricultural Greenhouse & Livestock Exhibition 

22-26 February 2012, Denizli

GAPTARIM 3. Agriculture, agriculture technologies and stockbreeding fair

23-26 February 2012, Gaziantep 

3. Food, Agricultural and Animal Breeding Fair

1-4 March 2012, Muğla 

Mersin Agrodays - Mersin 7. International Agriculture Fair
1-4 March 2012, Mersin 

 Balıkesir Agriculture Fair 2012 Agriculture And Stock Forming Fair Of Balikesir
1-4 March 2012, Balıkesir 

Konya Agriculture 2012 - 10th International Agriculture, Stockbreeding And Dairy
Industry Fair 14-18 March 2012, Konya 

KAYTARIM 2012 Agricultural And Stock Farming Fair of Kayseri

 29 March-1 April 2012, Kayseri 

6. Malatya Agriculture Fair

5-8 April 2012, Malatya 

Gönen Agricultural & Livestock Exhibition
5-8 April 2012, Balıkesir 

5-8 April 2012, Muğla 

5-8 April 2012, Eskişehir 

Diyarbakır Agriculture - Stock Breeding 2012 Fair
11-15 April 2012, Diyarbakır 

Afyonkarahisar Agriculture, Stock Breeding and Agro Technology Fair

12-15 April 2012, Afyonkarahisar 

Hasyurt Agriculture Fair
18-21 April 2012, Antalya 


General Secretariat of Central Anatolian Exporters Union:

Turkish Machinery Promotion Group:

 The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers:

Association Of Machinery Manufacturers:

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