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feta cheese manufacturers -GREECE

Greece Feta Cheese Manufacturers 

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A. Taxas Bros C.O.

About Us

As one of the leading companies of the cheese manufacturing greek industry,
we would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you TAXAS FARM and its
full range of activities & products, in regards of the process, packaging and export of Hellenic P.D.O Feta Cheese .

Taxas Farm produces the whole range of soft cheese, keeping up a 40-year-old tradition:
Feta cheese, Goat cheese, Goat and Ewe light cheese 12%, White cheese (delicacy),
Anthotyros, Butter, Mizithra and many others.  


Emmanuel Sofianopoulos.
Export Department   


TEL: (+30)2410549979
FAX: (+30)2410549980 
WEBSITE: www.taxas.gr
E-MAIL: sales@taxas.gr
mob :+30 6995 618 657