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steel pipe and pipe fittings manufacturers-CHINA

China Steel Pipe and Pipe Fittings Manufacturers

Company Name : Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd
Website : www.hu-steel.com
E-mail : info@husteel-group.com
Telephone : 0086-731-89878292
Fax : 0086-713-84788292
Contact Person : Dai
Adress : #112,Fuyuan Ave,Xinsha Industrial Zone,Changsha,Hunan.China 
City : Changsha
Country : China
Business Type : Manufacturer - Producer- Exporter 
Sector : sales
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Company Products and Services : Hunan Standard Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd as the professional manufacturer of steel pipe and pipe fittings, The company is located in an industrial zone in Xinsha town,Changsha city ,Standard Steel will ,taking the scientific developments view as guideline in its overall reformation and develepment, stick to the development of quality -profitability road under the guidance of science and technology ,and persist in extraversive development with implementation of strategy of taking central china as standing ground and developing southwest,The group will makes the great efforts to reach a production scale of more than 10 million tons with an annual sales income of over 30 billion RMB into the rank of 500 top steel enterprises in the word. 
Exporter Company : yes
Exported Products : steel pipe
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