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ophthalmic instruments-INDIA

 India Ophthalmic Instrument Manufacturers 

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Country : India
Business Type : Manufacturer - Producer- Exporter Supplier Distributor/Wholesaler Merchant/Trader 
Sector : Ophthalmic Instruments
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Company Products and Services :  INDIA are manufacturer of all type of Ophthalmic Instruments.
Our EROSE Ophthalmic Instruments are 90D Aspheric Lens, Snellen Chart, 78 D Aspheric Lens,
Otoscope, 20D Aspheric Lens, Ishihara Book 38 Plates, 28 D Aspheric Lens, Bronchoscope,
Four Mirror Gonioscope, Lensometer Cross Carona, Three Mirror Gonioscope, ENT Head light with LED,
Two Mirror Gonioscope,  Artificial Prosthetic Eye, Black Artificial Eye, Brown Artificial Eye, Green Artificial Eye,
Blue Artificial Eye, Streak Retinoscope, Ishihara Book 14 Pages, RAF rule, Schiotz Tonometer, Prism
Bar vertical Horizontal, Fibre optic Laryngoscope, Irrigation Aspiration Handpiece Phaco, Epinucleus
Aspirator Probe, Intraocular Magnet for Ophthalmic, Vitrectomy Irrigating Lens Set, Capsulotomy Lens
YAG Laser, Vitrectomy Lens Set,  Iridectomy Lens YAG Laser, CAM Low Vision Stimulator, Ophthalmoscope,
Slit Lamp three step, Slit Lamp five step, Slit Lamp Haag Streit type, Slit Lamp zeiss type, Beam splitter with
C mount, Power Supply for Slit lamp, ENT Microscope three step, ENT Microscope five Step, Surgical Microscope
Three Step, Surgical Microscope Five Step, Operating Microscope Three Step, Operating Microscope Five tep,
Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Microscope Wall Mounted, Surgical Microscope Portable,  Synoptophore,
Trial Lens Kit, Binocular Loupe, Welch Allyn iExaminer Adopter, ENT Surgical Microscope, Indirect Ophthalmoscope,
Sigmoidoscope, Fibre optic Cable, Esophagoscope, Fibre Optic Light Source, Panoptic Ophthalmoscope welch allyn,
LED ENT Light, Chest Support Laryngoscope, Snellen LED Chart, Bronchoscope Rigid Set. 

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Exported Countries : Worldwide
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WhatsApp /Viber Number : 9896807858

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