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Posted July 20,2016

Company Name : Topteam Logistics China Co., Limited
Contact Person : Jeff liu
Website : http://www.topteam-logistics.com/
E-mail : jeff@topteam-logistics.com
Telephone : +86-371-86121868
Fax : +86-371-86127968
Adress : Huiyuan Building, No.14 of Jingba road, Jinshui District
Country : China
City : Shanghai
Business Type : Exporter Business Services 
Sector : 
Hs Code : 
Hs Code Description : 
Products and Services : Azerbaijan forwarding, Turkmenistan forwarding, Belarus forwarding,
Armenia forwarding, Afghanistan forwarding, Nepal forwarding. 

Exporter Company : Yes
Products to Export : Freight forwarding
Export Countries : Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Iraq,
Nepal, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan

Importer Company : 
Products to Import 
Import Countries : 
Facebook : Topteam China
Twitter : @topteamlogistic
Google + : Logistics China
Youtube : 
Pinterest : 
Skype : jeff.topteam
WhatsApp /Viber Number : +86 18860377663
keywords : Freight forwarder to Azerbaijan, Freight forwarder to Turkmenistan,
Freight forwarder to Armenia, Freight forwarder to Belarus, Freight forwarder to Afghanistan,
Freight forwarder to Nepal, Freight forwarder to Bhutan, Freight forwarder to Kazakhstan,
Freight forwarder to Tajikistan, Freight forwarder to Kyrgyzstan, Freight forwarder to Uzbekistan

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