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Algeria imports (2014)

Top Algeria Imports From World in 2014

Tags:  what Algeria imports  imports from world  major imports  imports of Algeria

Top 100 Products Imported Algeria By 6 Digit Hs Codes

6 Digit HSCodeProduct label
TOTALAll products
'721420Bars & rods,i/nas,hr,hd or he,cntg indent,ribs,etc,prod dur rp/tar,nes
'100190Wheat nes and meslin
'870322Automobiles w reciprocatg piston engine displacg > 1000 cc to 1500 cc
'271019Other petroleum oils and preparations
'300490Medicaments nes, in dosage
'870421Diesel powered trucks with a GVW not exceeding five tonnes
'040221Milk and cream powder unsweetened exceeding 1.5% fat
'100590Maize (corn) nes
'271011Light petroleum oils and preparations
'230400Soya-bean oil-cake&oth solid residues,whether or not ground or pellet
'870332Automobiles with diesel engine displacing more than 1500 cc to 2500 cc
'841182Gas turbines nes of a power exceeding 5000 KW
'100110Durum wheat
'841199Parts of gas turbines nes
'040210Milk powder not exceeding 1.5% fat
'170111Raw sugar, cane
'440710Lumber, coniferous (softwood) 6 mm and thicker
'150710Soya-bean oil crude, whether or not degummed
'730429Casings,,tubing, drill pipe, for oil drilling use
'252329Portland cement nes
'721391Hot rolled bar/rod, irregular coils,
'271320Petroleum bitumen
'870422Diesel powerd trucks w a GVW exc five tonnes but not exc twenty tonnes
'730890Structures&parts of structures,i/s (ex prefab bldgs of headg no.9406)
'851712Telephones for cellular networks mobile telephones or for other wirele
'870120Road tractors for semi-trailers (truck tractors)
'852872Reception apparatus for television, colour, whether or not incorporati
'240391Homogenized or reconstituted tobacco
'847130Portable digital computers <10kg
'300210Antisera and other blood fractions
'870323Automobiles w reciprocatg piston engine displacg > 1500 cc to 3000 cc
'090111Coffee, not roasted, not decaffeinated
'842951Front end shovel loaders
'390120Polyethylene having a specific gravity of 0.94 or more
'848180Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances, nes
'870590Special purpose motor vehicles nes
'870431Gas powered trucks with a GVW not exceeding five tonnes
'842952Shovels and excavators with a 360 revolving superstructure
'851770Parts of telephone sets, telephones for cellular networks or for other
'401120Pneumatic tires new of rubber for buses or lorries
'851762Machines for the reception, conversion and transmission or regeneratio
'870190Wheeled tractors nes
'870423Diesel powered trucks with a GVW exceeding twenty tonnes
'300431Insulin, in dosage
'740811Wire of refind copper of which the max cross sectional dimension > 6mm
'210690Food preparations nes
'690890Tiles, cubes and sim nes, glazed ceramics
'390760Polyethylene terephthalate
'300420Antibiotics nes, in dosage
'842139Filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus for gases nes
'382200Composite diagnostic or laboratory reagents, nes
'853720Boards,panels,includg numerical control panels,for a voltage > 1,000 V
'390110Polyethylene having a specific gravity of less than 0.94
'080300Bananas including plantains, fresh or dried
'853710Boards,panels,includg numerical control panels,for a voltage <=1000 V
'870210Diesel powered buses with a seating capacity of > nine persons
'190110Prep of cereals,flour,starch/milk f infant use,put up f retail sale
'850164AC generators, of an output exceeding 750 KVA
'852340Optical media for the recording of sound or of other phenomena (excl.
'841510Air conditioning machines window or wall types, self-contained
'870331Automobiles with diesel engine displacing not more than 1500 cc
'020130Bovine cuts boneless, fresh or chilled
'730820Towers and lattice masts, iron or steel
'854449Electric conductors, for a voltage not exceeding 80 V, nes
'401110Pneumatic tire new of rubber f motor car incl station wagons&racg cars
'847490Pts of sortg/screeng/mixg/crushg/grinding/washing/agglomeratg mach etc
'841480Air or gas compressors, hoods
'847989Machines & mechanical appliances nes having individual functions
'080810Apples, fresh
'010290Bovine, live except pure-bred breeding
'852380Gramophone records and other media for the recording of sound or of ot
'852910Aerials&aerial reflectors of all kinds;parts suitable f use therewith
'854140Photosensitive semiconduct device,photovoltaic cells&light emit diodes
'720711Semi-fin prod,i/nas,rect/sq cross-sect cntg by wgt
'841370Centrifugal pumps nes
'840999Parts for diesel and semi-diesel engines
'720839Hot roll iron/steel nes, coil >600mm x <3mm
'390410Polyvinyl chloride, not mixed with any other substances
'170199Refined cane or beet sugar, solid, without flavouring or colouring matter
'843143Parts of boring or sinking machinery, whether or not self-propelled
'730840Props&similar equipment for scaffolding,shutterg/pit-propping,i/s
'847330Parts&accessories of automatic data processg machines&units thereof
'040690Cheese nes
'730419Line pipe of a kind used for oil or gas pipelines, seamless, of iron o
'842911Bulldozers and angledozers, crawler type
'020230Bovine cuts boneless, frozen
'841381Pumps nes
'871639Trailers nes for the transport of goods
'842240Packing or wrapping machinery nes
'847480Mach f agglomeratg mineral fuels,mach f foundry moulds of sand etc nes
'847431Concrete or mortar mixers
'151620Veg fats &oils&fractions hydrogenatd,inter/re-esterifid,etc,ref'd/not
'300432Adrenal cortex hormones, in dosage
'271119Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons nes, liquefied
'071333Kidney beans&white pea beans drid shelld,whether o not skinnd o split
'721621Sections,L,i/nas,nfw than hot rolld,drawn or extrudd,of a height <80mm

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