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China geotextile companies

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Our company is one of the biggest geosynthetics manufacturer in China now ,we are specilized in series of geogrids, geotextiles,geomembranes ,geocell etc,and have the absolutely advantage for price,quality in this field of China Our website is http://en.sdlianyi.com/
We currently own 21 sets of Fiberglass Geogrid & Polyester Geogrid Production lines (include different widths of 4 meters,5meters,6meters), 9 sets of PP biaxial Geogrid Production lines (include different widths of 4 meters,5meters,6meters), 3 sets of PP & HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid Production lines, 4 sets of Steel-Plasti ccomposite Geogrid Production lines,3 sets of needlepunched Non woven geotextile & Spunbonded Nonwoven fabric ,2 Sets of Composite production lines and some production lines for Woven geotextile,HDPE Geomembrane,HDPE Geocell,Geonet etc,intotal 50 sets of machines currently,that's definitely the largest scale in China .

Products range: 

1.Biaxial Geogrid-PP: 15-15KN,20-20KN.25-25KN,30-30KN,35-35KN,40-40KN,45-45KN,50-50KN,20-20L,30-30L,BX1100,BX1200 etc.

2.PP Uniaxial Geogrid(UX):35KN,50KN,80KN,100KN,110KN,120KN,130KN,140KN,150KN, 160KN,170KN,180KN,200KN,220KN etc.

3.HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid : 50KN, 60KN, 80KN, 100KN, 110KN, 120KN, 130KN,160KN etc

4. Fiberglass Geogrid (F'GRID):8-8KN,40-40KN,50-50KN,60-60KN,80-80KN,100-100KN, 120-120KN,150-150KN,200-200KN 250-250KN etc

5.PVC Coated Warp Knitted Polyester Geogrid (PET Geogrid): 20-20KN,25-25KN, 30-30KN, 35-35KN, 40-40KN, 50-50KN, 60-60KN, 80-80KN, 100-100KN, 120-120KN, 150-150KN,200-200KN, 300-300KN,400-400KN,500-500KN,600-600KN,800-800KN,1000-1000KNetc

6.PVC Coated Polyester Uniaxial Geogrid: 40-20KN, 60-30KN, 80-30KN, 00-30KN, 100-50KN, 120-30KN, 150-30KN, 150-50KN, 200-30KNetc

7.Steel-plasticGeogrid :40-40KN,50-50KN,60-60KN,80-80KN,100-100KN,120-120KN,150-150KN,200-200KN etc

8.Composite Geogrid:Geogrid is self-adhesive glass fiber or polyester geogrid geogrid and geotextile is polyester filament geotextiles; second composite form: Biaxial plastic geogrid and geotextile composite.

9.PP & PET needlepunched Non woven Geotextile :80g,100g,150g,200g,250g,300g,400g,500g,600g,800g,1000g,1200g etc.

10.PET Spunbonded Nonwoven Cloth:20g,40g,50g,60g,80g,100g,120g,140g,160g,180g,200g ,240g,260g,300g,400g,500g,600g,800g etc.

11.HDPE Geomembrane 0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm etc

12.HDPE Geocell:1.0m,1.1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm etc.

13.Geonet:CE121,CE131,CE151,CE181,DN1,HF10 etc.

14.PP woven geotextile: 100g,110g,120g,130g,140g,150g,180g,200g etc.

15.PET woven geotextile: 200g,300g,400g,500g,800g,1000g,1200g etc

16.Ground cover (Weed Barrier) : 120g,130g,140g,150g,160g,170g,180g 200g etc .

They are all what we supply now.These products are widely applicable to the fields of highway, railway, water conservancy, electric power, water and soil conservation, circumstance afforestation and fundamental construction, they have been widely used in many national and international major expressway, railway projects, etc, with favorable comments from engineering experts and clients. 
Especially for PP biaxial geogrid,we have the most advanced production lines in this filed  of China ,we have done lots of efforts and paid for lots of money on the improvement of quality to be higher strength than others,adjusting molds to be better to make the best products with evently apperture and good appearence these years. We have the products with multiple apperture sizes of 30x30mm,33x33mm,36x36mm,37x37mm,39x39mm (a very popular model in world market ) ,65x65mm,25x33mm(BX1100,BX1200) and 46x64mm (BX1300),very good diversities we can supply for you. Especially for BX1300 (16.0-28.0KN with 46x64mm mesh size),seldom suppliers in China can make that,but we have  this kind of  typical mold on production lines .All the efforts these years made currently ribs of our BX geogrid are all thinner but thicker on MD and CMD,evently and good appearance,and the tensile strength for both directions are a bit higher than others .This is based on our many many years production experience and improvement all the time .Our quality has been the best  in China currently but we can also give you our lowest price to help what you get is the best and to be the most competitive in your market .
Welcome you come to visit our company at any time you are free, to look at our 5 factories,our self own industry park,more than 50 sets of production lines,there are many of warpknitted facilities from Germany,all of our production lines are the most advanced ones and leading level in all China market.And we own the largest scale in this field of China.We also own CE certificate based on new CPR EU standard and the third party testing report made from SGI lab in USA (seldom companies in China can own that) . If you need them,I can send them to you for your reference.
As the currently biggest geosynthetics manufacturer in China ,we have the absolutely advantage for quality,delivery time and own the best technics ,can also give you the most competitive price as possibile as we can.So many big companies all over the world are buying geosynthetic materials from us directly and with regularly delivery . Hope our huge advantage in this field of China can also benfiit you a lot .

地 址:山东省肥城市高新技术开发区

电 话:0538-3539888
传 真:0538-3539777
手 机:18905487777
邮 箱:948884826@qq.com

Product Classification
Non-woven Cloth
E Glass Woven Rovings
E Glass Light Weight Chopped S...
Glass Fiber Surfacing Tissue
E-glass Fiberglass chopped str...
Long silk geotextile
Non-woven Geotextile
Warp-Knitted Geocomposite
Composite Geogrids
Geogrid for mining
High-strength metal plastic BX...
PP Uniaxial geogrid(UX)
HDPE Uniaxial geogrid
Geogrid for mining
Warp Knitted Polyester geogrid
Biaxial geogrid-PP
Asphalt Reinforment Fiberglass...
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Fax: +86-538-3539777

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