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Fresh Apple Importers in Moldova

Moldova Fresh Apple Importers

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Hs Code 080810100 Fresh apples (detailed label not available) Importers in Republic of Moldova 

Company nameCountryCityWebsite
Agrimec SRLRepublic of MoldovaIaloveni 
Agro-SZM SRLRepublic of MoldovaDrochia 
AgrostocRepublic of MoldovaChisinauhttp://www.agrostoc.md
Aladiu Nord SRLRepublic of MoldovaHeciul Nou 
Alfa-Nistru SARepublic of MoldovaSorocahttp://www.alfa-nistru.com
Angroconscom SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Cenar SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Chiaola-Grup SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Complexul cultural-turistic Pokrovskaia UsadibaRepublic of MoldovaPocrovca 
Congazcic SARepublic of MoldovaCongazcicul de Sus 
Cubvas-agro SRLRepublic of MoldovaDonduseni 
Diosim Grup SRLRepublic of MoldovaCostesti 
Drebozaci SRLRepublic of MoldovaDrepcauti 
Exardiv-Com SRL SCRepublic of MoldovaSingera 
Gheorghe-Botnaru IIRepublic of MoldovaLozovahttp://www.ciate.co.uk
Iscomagro SRLRepublic of MoldovaIsnovat 
Lucoris-E SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Matinal SRL FCPRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Megasurs SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Monific-Group SRLRepublic of MoldovaStraseni 
Procult-agro SRLRepublic of MoldovaGura Camencii 
Protuvim Agro SRLRepublic of MoldovaSingerei 
Romanesti SARepublic of MoldovaRomanesti 
Safranax SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinauhttp://www.safranax.md
Samiral Agro SRLRepublic of MoldovaStauceni 
Taix-Prim SRLRepublic of MoldovaChisinau 
Taras-Scop-Agro SRLRepublic of MoldovaNatalievca 
Tehnoif-Agro SRLRepublic of MoldovaPohrebeni 
Tehrubsor SRLRepublic of MoldovaRublenita 
Vagadi SRLRepublic of MoldovaAlcedar 
VIGI SRLRepublic of MoldovaCalarasi 
Vitalitifruct-Expo SRLRepublic of MoldovaDurlestihttp://www.vitalitifruct-expo.md
Viva Igna SRLRepublic of MoldovaGrimancautihttp://www.viva-igna.com
Vrabii V.V. IIRepublic of MoldovaEdinet 
Zubresti SARepublic of MoldovaZubresti 

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