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Turkey Dried Fruit Manufacturers

Turkey Dried Fruit Manufacturers and Suppliers 
Dried Fruit Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory-Source your products from qualified B2B Suppliers of Dried Fruit from Turkey

Company Name : Citello Dried Foods Ltd.
Company Introduction : We are manufacturers and exporters of natural and processed nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, peanut, pistachios. Additionally, we produce seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), dried fruits (apricots and raisins). We were established in 1995 so we have experience and knowledge in our field. 
Company Products and Services : Products such as: hazelnuts, almonds, peanut, pistachios, chickpeas. Additionally, we produce seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), dried fruits (apricots and raisins). 
Exporter Company : Yes
Export Countries : Germany, Russia, UAE
Importer Company : No
Import Countries : 
Sector : Nuts, nuts products
Business Type : Manufacturer - Producer- Exporter- 
Contact Person : Dogan Can
Adress : Antalya Organize Sanayi böl. 1 kısım 6 cad.no:9 Döşemealtı / ANTALYA /TURKEY
Telephone : +90 (242) 258 14 10
Fax : +90 (242) 258 14 07
Mobile Phone : 
Website : http://www.citello.com/en
E-mail : export.citello@gmail.com
Twitter : 
Facebook : 
Country : Turkey
City : Antalya
keywords : export, turkey, antalya, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, high quality
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