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Company Name : Maesta Bathroom Furniture
Company Introduction : We Maesta, are modular bathroom furniture manufacturer company established in Istanbul,Turkey. (e) (x) (p) (o) (r) (t) (a) (t) (m) (a) (e) (s) (t) (a) (.) (c) (o) (m) (.) (t) (r) Bathroom cabinets manufacturing and design belong to us. We also offer custom made/bespoke/private label products in addition to our unique designs and models. Our bathroom furniture is made from first class A grade E1 MDF and surface finish is 0.50 micron pvc MEMBRANE. Our first class A grade E1 MDF bathroom cabinets are completed with antibacterial ceramic sinks. product features : *soft close drawers and doors *soft close rails and hinges *ceramic washbasin * Basin supplied with one tap hole * mirror unit * (led) light (depends on model) * chrome handles *color options *various size options * modular bathroom furniture Packing is made from corrugated cardboard box with styrofoam protecting the products (Export Box with corner protectors) We are at your disposal for any information you need. Best Regards, Mrs.Berin Dincer MAESTA BATHROOM FURNITURE ISTANBUL/TURKEY Tel: +90 212 538 38 23 Fax. +90 212 538 99 92 Web: www.maesta.com.tr EMail2:export@maesta.com.tr 
Company Products and Services : bathroom cabinet, bathroom vanity, bathroom furniture, meubles de salle de bains, vanite salle de bain, шкаф ванной комнаты, мебель для ванной комнаты, тщеславие ванной, أثاث الحمام, مجلس الوزراء الحمام 
Exporter Company : Yes
Export Countries : 
Importer Company : No
Import Countries : 
Sector : manufacturing, bathroom furniture manufacturing
Business Type : Manufacturer - Producer- Exporter- Supplier- 
Contact Person : Mrs.Berin Dincer
Adress : kazimkarabekir mah. hekimsuyu cad. 827 sok. no:68 kucukkoy- gaziosmanpasa - 34250- istanbul Turkey 
Telephone : 00902125383823
Fax : 00902125389992
Mobile Phone : 
Website : http://www.maesta.com.tr/
E-mail : export@maesta.com.tr
Twitter : @maestabathrooms
Facebook : 
Country : Turkey
City : Istanbul
keywords : bathroom cabinet, bathroom vanity, bathroom furniture, meubles de salle de bains, vanite salle de bain, шкаф ванной комнаты,мебель, мебельная продукция, мебель для ванной, шкафы для ванной, шкафчики для ванной, шкафы для стиральной машины, модули для ванной мебель для ванной комнаты, тщеславие ванной, أثاث الحمام, مجلس الوزراء الحمام,
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