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Ukraine Curd Cheese Exporters

Ukraine Curd Cheese Exporters and Suppliers List 

Made in Ukraine Cheese Curd Mozzarella Cheese Directory -  Cheese Curd Mozzarella Cheese Exporters in Ukraine,
 Suppliers & Manufacturers in Ukraine

Company name CountryCityWebsite
Bobrovytsia Dairy Factory, PubJSCUkraineBobrovytsia, Chernihiv Reg.
Chernihiv Milk Factory, PubJSCUkraineChernihivhttp://www.milkiland.com.ua
FELIX Private BusinessUkraineKrasnodon, Luhansk Reg.
Ichnia Dried Milk and Butter Plant, PubJSCUkraineIchnia, Chernihiv Reg.http://ichnia-maslo.narod.ru
KORSA TRADE LtdUkraineKyivhttp://www.korsa.kiev.ua
KOVELMOLOKO PubJSCUkraineKovel, Volyn Reg.http://www.komo.ua
Koziatyn Butter Making Factory, PubJSCUkraineKoziatyn, Vinnytsia Reg.
Kupiansk Dairy Canning Integrated Plant, PubJSCUkraineKupiansk, Kharkiv Reg.http://www.kmk.ua
LACTALIS-MYKOLAIV PrivJSCUkraineMykolaivhttp://www.lactalis.com.ua
LACTALIS-UKRAINE AffiliateUkraineKyivhttp://lactalis.com.ua
LASKA Enterprise of Association for National Business SupportUkraineKirovohradhttp://www.laska.ua
Lityn Dairy Factory, PubJSCUkraineLityn, Vinnytsia Reg.http://www.bilozgar.com.ua
MUSHKETER LtdUkraineDnipropetrovsk
Pervomaisk Dairy Products Canning Integrated Plant, PubJSCUkrainePervomaisk, Mykolaiv Reg.http://www.pmkk.com.ua
PRYDNIPROVSKYI Dairy Integrated Factory, PubJSCUkraineDnipropetrovskhttp://www.zlagoda.dp.ua
Pyriatyn Cheese Making Factory, PrivJSCUkrainePyriatyn, Poltava Reg.http://milkalliance.com.ua
WESTERN MILK GROUP Trading House, LtdUkraineLutsk, Volyn Reg.http://www.komo.ua
Yahotyn Butter Making Factory, PubJSCUkraineYahotyn, Kyiv Reg.
Zhytomyr Butter Making Plant, PubJSCUkraineZhytomyrhttp://www.rud.ua

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