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Slovakia Beech Logs Manufacturers

Beech Logs Manufacturers and Suppliers in Slovakia 

Company name CountryCityWebsite
ADO-Service, s.r.o.SlovakiaJablonicahttp://ado-service.sk
BEKY, a.s.SlovakiaSninahttp://www.beky.sk
BUKÓZA PÍLA, a.s.SlovakiaHencovcehttp://www.bukoza.sk
Di Mihálik, s.r.o.SlovakiaNová Bystricahttp://www.dimihalik.sk
Drevo SV Snina, s.r.o.SlovakiaSninahttp://www.drevosv.sk
LIGNOSPOL, s.r.o.SlovakiaGeca
SLOSPE, s.r.o.SlovakiaDolný Kubínhttp://www.slospe.eu
SUNDERMANN s.r.o.SlovakiaBratislavahttp://www.sundermann.sk



Beech tree, Ash) Company Products and Services : we sell edged / unedged boules, quarterly sawn lumber ...Görüntüle
beech, oak, pine, linden and mahogany. In veneered furniture, oak, beech, walnut and mahogany are used ...Görüntüle

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