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Turkey Sandwich Panel Manufacturers

 Sandwich Panel Manfuacturers 
 and Suppliers in Turkey  

Whatsapp Contact Number: +90 554 316 39 64

What Is Sandwich Panel (Insulated Panels)?  

 Sandwich panels are light and solid construction materials. 

They have many fucntions like hygiene ,heat insulation ,air lightness,

aesthetics and safety . They are used as heat and water insulation on 

the exteriors of buildings.

Sandwich Panel Structure

■ Metal Internal and External Sheet 

• Thicknesses of the inner and outer metal sheets of insulated panel are

selected from the  manufacturers load tables based on allowable spans

between the panel structural supports.The metal sheets can be galvanized

steel or aluminum.

Galvanized steel panel steel sheets are hot dip galvanized by a continuous process in

accordance with EN 1042 standarts,with zinc coating weights varying between 100 275

gr/m2.Steel galvanizing is very effective against corrosion .For insulated panels ,galvanized steel

should be prepainted by coil coating.

Installation of  Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels which are arranged in desired lenghts are delivered 

to the worksite by trucks.Roofing materials  shall be lifted to the roof generally

by crane.


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