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Iran Coal

 Coal &Solid Fuels Manufacturers in Iran 

List of Coal and solid fuels exporting companies in Iran (Islamic Republic of) 

Company namesortOrderASCNumber of product or service categories tradedNumber of employeesCountryCityWebsite
Adhan41-10Iran (Islamic Republic of)Tehran
Behran Oil Company P.L.C6501-1000Iran (Islamic Republic of)Tehranhttp://www.behranoil.com
Boresh Abzar Iran31-10Iran (Islamic Republic of)Tehran
Gulf Resources Development Corp.(Tehran Office)281-10Iran (Islamic Republic of)Tehran
Iranol Co. (P.J.S)6501-1000Iran (Islamic Republic of)Tehranhttp://www.iranol.ir
Kazem Gholami Sani Trading171-10Iran (Islamic Republic of)Zahedan
National Iranian Oil Products3UnknownIran (Islamic Republic of)Tehranhttp://www.nioc.ir
National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Co.105001 and moreIran (Islamic Republic of)Tehranhttp://www.niordc.ir
National Petrochemical Co.455001 and moreIran (Islamic Republic of)Tehranhttp://www.nipc.net
Petro Saeed Ind. & Mfg.5UnknownIran (Islamic Republic of)Tehran
Polyacryl Trading Co. (P.J.C)1651-100Iran (Islamic Republic of)Esfahanhttp://www.polyacril.ir
Sedigh Zahedan Trading251-10Iran (Islamic Republic of)Zahedan
Sepahan Oil18251-500Iran (Islamic Republic of)Sepahan Oilhttp://www.sepahanoil.ir
Synergy International Trading (SITCO)41-10Iran (Islamic Republic of)Tehran

Coal Mine in Iran 

  • Abyek (Coal Mine)
  • Fajr Mazinoy (Coal Mine)
  • Fil Zamin (Coal Mine)
  • Hashouni (Coal Mine)
  • Hojedk (Coal Mine)
  • Ma`dan-e Hashuni (Coal Mine)
  • Ma`dan-e Rubaz (Coal Mine)
  • Ma`dan-e Sorb-e Zangalukhan (Coal Mine)
  • Ma`dan-e Zaghal Sang-e Hamkar (Coal Mine)
  • Ma`dan-e Zaghal Sang-e Nagin Tabas (Coal Mine)
Ma`dan-e Zaghal Sang-e Shomareh Yek Flowrin Kamar Mehdi (Coal Mine)
Ma`dan-e Zoghal Sang-e Abnik (Coal Mine)
Ma`dan-e Zoghal Sang-e Fajr (Coal Mine)
Ma`dan-e Zoghal Sang-e Gol Banu (Coal Mine)
Ma`dan-e Zoghal Sang-e Tunal-e Shomareh Noh (Coal Mine)
Pabdana (Coal Mine)
Qeshlaq (Coal Mine)
Sangroud Loshan (Coal Mine)
Shemshak (Coal Mine)
Sherkat-e Zoghal-e Sang-e Alborz-e Sharqi (Coal Mine)

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