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China Ptfe Manufacturers List

 Ptfe Manufacturers Suppliers and in China 

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The following is the production ranges of our products listed here for your information:
1.      PTFE skived sheet: 0.5----7(mm)thickness; 1----1.2(m)wideness
2.      PTFEmolded sheet: (1—1.2)m x (1—1.2)m x(8—40)mm
3.      PTFE extruded rod: Ø 4mm----120mm
4.      PTFE molded rod: Ø 10----300(mm); 250(mm) length
5.      PTFEextruded tubing: Ø (28—40)mm x(2.5—5)mm thickness;
total length 4.2m
6.       PTFE molded tubing: Ø (10mm ---- 1000mm)x(100----200)mm
7.       PTFEguide strip: 1----5(mm) thickness; (1----50mm)wideness
42.5 ÷ thickness=   m length
8.      PTFE guide tape: ( 1----3mm) thickness; (50----350mm)wideness
9.     PTFE film: 0.03----0.5(mm)thickness; 10----120(mm)wideness;
10. Gely ring and Sterfin ring: STD16----STD1200; STd6----Std1000

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