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Turkey Perlite Manufacturers

Turkey Perlite Manufacturers | Turkey Perlite Exporters 
Company Introduction : Genper Mining Industry Trade Co. Ltd. KUTAHYA, 
TURKEY We are perlite ore and expanded perlite producer in Turkey
and supply any kind of perlite according to customer needs. 
Expanded perlite produced in our facility is used for filter aids, cryogenic, 
construction building materials, foundry iron and steel casting, slag coagulation. 
We also supply perlite ore for the expanded perlite factories worldwide. 
Genper has three expanded perlite plants and one crushing and screening facility with capacity about 200.000mt /year. 

Company Products and Services : Perlite Ore, Filter Aid, Cryogenic, Construction, Horticulture/Agriculture, On-site perlite installation.
Contact Person : Mehrican almaho
Telephone : +90 212 332 06 9 3
Mobile Phone : +90 541 559 33 05
Fax : +90 212 332 06 97
Website : www.genper.com.tr
E-mail info@genper.com.tr
Country : Turkey
City : Istanbul ,Kutahya
keywords : Perlite , unexpanded perlite , expanded perlite , foundry perlite , perlite plants , filter aid perlite 

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