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Turkey Herbal Medicine Manufacturerss

Turkey Herbal Medicine Manufacturers and Suppliers Directory

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Title : Mr.
Full Name : Ozcan Duran
Company Name : Madoe Organics
Phone : 00903523395999
Fax : 
Website : http://madoe-organics.getafricaonline.com/home
E-mail : ozcan.duran.madoe.organics@gmail.com
Country : Turkey
City : Kayseri
Company Introduction : M o r i g n a B a o b a b S h e a b u t t e r
A n d m o r e O r g a n i c s B e a u t y a n d H e a l t h P r o d u c t s f r o m t h e T r e e s.
Our products are all organic, and coming from wild and farmed West African Trees,
like Moringa, Baobab, Shea Cocoa, and Palm Trees. All of this Trees,
and many more supporting the native West African population since
Centuries with healthy Food and cosmetics. All this Trees grown in West Africa,
our main harvesting and catchment areas are in the rural Areas of northern Ghana.
The Seeds. Lives and Barks of this valuables Trees are harvested and processed by women or by women''s Groups 

Company Products and Services : Healthy and organic Food and Cosmetics 
keywords : Moringa Baobab Shea butter Black Soap African organic natural

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