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Turkey Oil Immersed Transformer Manufacturers

Turkey Oil Immersed Transformer Manufacturers
Turkey Oil Immersed Transformer Exporters

 Authorised Person : Cengiz Ciftci
Company Nanme : Trafomaks Transformator
Telephone : 00904143691135
Fax : 00904143691134
e-mail : cengizciftci2@gmail.com
WebSite : www.transfomax.com
About Company : Oil-Immersed Transformers: With Conservator Tank and Hermetically Sealed Distribution Transformers from 40 kVA to 7.5 MVA up to 36kV.With natural (ONAN) cooling for indoor\ outdoor insulation, destined for use in three – phase HV/LV distribution systems. Aluminum /Copper as per requirement. Pole Mounted and Ground Mounted. Power Transformers: Three Phase Power Transformers stack core type – copper wound, outdoor / indoor type, Step Down/Step Up, with optional connection of Delta and Star type as per Victor group reference. Dyn 11 with rating range up to 15 MVA. Special Transformers: We always work towards satisfying the demands of our customer. Over the period, we have manufactured and supplied special and different kinds of Industrial transformers that have a very niche demand. Such as: - Mobile Transformers. - Rectifier Transformers. - Furnace Transformers. - Earthing

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