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Turkey Paper Tube Machine Manufacturer and Exporters

Turkey Paper Tube and Spiral Tube Suppliers

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Company Introduction :  planning, designing, manufacturing and provide turnkey solutions for concrete block machinery, batching plants, waste incinerators, paper core machinery and paper products. Also has experience for Industriel Plants, water treatment, Waste Sorting, environmental engineering, electrical panel, Low-Medium and Hight Voltage electrical projects, energy, Electrical Towers,Transformers, Petro-Chemicals Plants, Army- Petroleum Camp Projects, Industriel Kitchen-Laundry, Medical Gas Systems, Laboratory Systems, Cold Storage Depots, Paper Tubes Machineries, Drilling Rigs, Drilling Project, Spiral welded pipes, Steel Pipes, PVC Pipes, Industriel pumps, telecommunication, cement, water treatment, oil and gas, energy, steel, petrochemical and other industries is the long term partner for turn-key projects and provides solutions in integrated plant engineering, procurement, siteworks and plant operation and maintenance.

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